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Car accidents are very common, especially in Florida. With a state as large as Florida, with its cities fairly spread out, and the great number of tourists that visit the state, car and truck accidents are just waiting to happen. After one calls 911 in an accident, below is a list of 3 tips to further help with the process:

1. Survey the accident scene and see if any witnesses have pulled over to help.

The last thing someone who has been in a car accident is thinking about is whether anyone witnessed the accident. However, it is important for two reasons. First, in some car accident situations, it can take quite a while for police to arrive. During that time, a valuable eyewitness may leave the scene. Second, insurance companies often employ tactics to delay or otherwise deny a valid claim. Even when liability is clear, an insurance company may deny paying a perfectly valid claim by arguing that there is room for fault on the innocent, injured driver’s part. This is why, if it is possible, the driver should seek to obtain witness information.

2. Take pictures of the accident scene.

Police officers are not infallible. They can and do make mistakes in police and accident reports. They usually do not take pictures, except in very serious cases when they conduct accident investigations and reconstructions.

In a time when everyone seems to have a smartphone, it can certainly be helpful to take a few photos of the accident scene, how the cars were positioned, etc. Again, insurance companies will use any excuse to deny paying a claim. Having a picture of the cars showing how they were positioned immediately after the accident is often helpful in explaining how the accident occurred and who was at fault for causing the accident.

3. Get medical attention.

In many cases of neck and back injury, the injured individual does not realize they are hurt until hours or days later. Some people forgo seeking medical attention, hoping their symptoms get better with rest. It is a mistake not to see a medical professional after a car accident. Serious neck and back injuries can result, even from low impact car accidents, such as rear end car accidents. Getting prompt medical attention is important to document the injuries and establish that they were in fact, caused by the car accident.

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