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Rear-End Accidents often result in very serious injuries especially if the person causing the accident is going at a high rate of speed. Rear-End Accidents in which one of the cars was traveling at even 10 or 20 miles per hour can result in neck and/or spine injuries. At even higher speeds, such as 45 miles per hour, drivers and passengers can suffer significant injuries that may require hospitalization or even surgery.

Driver Hit From Rear While Slowing Down

Hypothetical one: A driver is slowing down to stop for a red light in a business district. A driver approaching from behind fails to notice the stopped traffic and slams directly into the car in front, causing a serious collision.

The driver in front, even though stopped, and wearing his or her seat belt feels a tremendous jolt as his body is thrown forward into the seat belt and back again into the seat. Immediately, pain sets in at the base of the neck and at the low back. An ambulance takes the injured driver to the hospital where an x-ray reveals a slight hairline fracture of cervical (neck) vertebrae. Weeks later, an MRI reveals serious disc pathology, including two neck herniations and three disc bulges in the low back. The driver must undergo extensive physical therapy and eventually cervical spine injections to alleviate pain and numbness. The individual can also experience sciatica.

Driver Hit in Rear at Full Speed Causing Second Impact

Hypothetical two: A driver speeds up, but runs a red light and slams into the rear of a car traveling in the same lane. The impact causes a second impact when the car is pushed into an adjacent lane and into another car.

The driver pushed into the adjacent lane suffers massive head injuries, spine injuries and several fractures. The individual is airlifted to the closest hospital. A CT scan reveals moderate brain trauma as well as significant disc pathology. A disc in the neck has torn (annular tear) and later requires surgery.

These two examples demonstrate the extent to which Rear-End Accidents can cause serious injuries. Simple acts such as, not paying attention, reaching down to pick up an item on the floor, using a cell phone, etc., can result in serious Rear-End Accidents.

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