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Those who walk away from a car accident without injury are certainly fortunate because even simple, rear end accidents can result in serious injuries. The neck and low back are two of the most common areas of injury in a rear end car accident. Generally speaking, cervical and lumbar injuries may require chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, injection therapy and even surgery.

In addition to neck and low back injuries, rear end accidents can cause other injuries, such as:

  • brain/head injuries,
  • arm/shoulder pain,
  • knee pain, and
  • severe bruising.

Depending on the extent of the injuries, medical bills may pile up and the individual may be required to miss work. A few days of lost work here and there can put a family in financial straits. Read more about recovering financial losses after a car accident in Florida.

Neck Injuries in a Read End Accident

In a rear end accident, the body while in a seated position will move forward with sufficient force and back again. Assuming the individual was wearing a seat belt, the individual will come into contact with the seat belt, while being pushed forward. The neck, which carries the weight of the head (on average, 8 pounds), will snap forward and back again, against the head rest. This is commonly called whiplash.

In more severe rear end accidents, such as when an individual is struck from behind by another car or truck traveling at a high rate of speed, the body moves forward more violently. In other words, the more forceful the impact, the more forceful the body is pushed forward and back. In some situations, especially when the impact is severe, whiplash can even result in head injuries.

Because of the natural curve and bend of the neck, C4-5 and C5-6 tend to be common locations of injury. Common types of neck injuries which result from rear end car accidents include:

  • disc herniations,
  • disc protrusions, and
  • disc bulges.

In severe cases, discs may compress on nerves and nerve roots, causing extreme pain symptoms. In addition, annular tears can also occur.

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