Rear end car accidents often result in cervical/neck injuries in addition to lumbar/low back injuries. L4-5 and L5/S-1 tend to be the most common sources of low back disc pathology in rear end car accident situations.

The primary reason these two areas are the most common locations of injury in a rear end car accident is due to the mechanics of how the body is impacted while in a seated position.

In a rear end car accident, an individual in a seated position will be forced forward and back again. The low spine often bears the brunt of the impact and force. The more forceful the impact, the greater the injury. However, it is important to note that even low impact rear end car accidents can result in serious disc pathology. Click here to read more about rear end car accident injuries.

In some situations, a second impact can occur. For instance: let’s say a car is stopped at a red light (driver 1). The driver immediately behind (driver 2) fails to notice the traffic and causes a rear end accident, striking driver 1. Then, the driver behind driver 2 ends up striking driver 2, which then causes driver 2’s car to strike driver 1 again. This double impact rear end accident scenario is actually fairly common.

Back Injuries in a Read End Car Accident

Low back/spine injuries often include bulging discs or more severe pathology such as herniations and protrusions. The injured individual may experience a wide range of symptoms, such as:

  • pain in the low back area which radiates down one or both legs (sciatica),
  • numbness/tingling,
  • pain in one or both hips, and
  • pain when walking or bending, and
  • pain when standing for long periods of time.

The treatment course for low back disc pathology depends on the individual. However, the common course of treatment includes:

  • rest,
  • medication (muscle relaxers, narcotic pain medication),
  • chiropractic treatment,
  • diagnostic imaging (MRI),
  • physical therapy,
  • corticosteroid injections into the injured discs, and
  • surgery, if indicated.

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