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Mediation can be a lower cost alternative to litigation. Mediation is an informal, out of court process which is respectful and fair. In Mediation a neutral, impartial mediator helps the parties come to an agreed upon resolution of the issues and prepares the necessary documentation with regard to the agreement. Attorney Brown, your Orlando, Kissimmee Family Mediator, facilitates Mediation every week.

As a law firm providing mediation legal services, we are prepared to represent you in even the most difficult of legal challenges you may be facing. Our law firm knows how to apply the law to your specific legal needs and goals. When you are involved in legal issues that may be best served through mediation… we are here to help you. Call 407.344.3400 to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your Mediation options.

Family Law and Divorce Mediation helps resolve issues relating to the initial divorce, paternity determination, and child custody and support. At any time warranted, your Orlando, Kissimmee Family Mediator, Attorney Brown, through Mediation, can help you revisit areas of custody and child support, your parenting plan, spousal support, and division of property and debt.

If you file a lawsuit without an agreement, the court will normally order Mediation before setting a trial date. You can mediate before or after the filing of a lawsuit, but you WILL mediate unless you already agree on all the issues. Mediation before the filing of a lawsuit reduces the court costs, and attorney’s fees associated with litigation, and generally both parties split the cost of mediation.

No retainer is required for Mediation. You pay as you go. A typical three hour pre-lawsuit mediation session with fully drafted Mediated Settlement Agreement will typically cost around $1000. Once again, this cost is customarily split between the parties.

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