We’ve all heard of the Brady bunch. Blended Families of either his/hers and/or ours happened due to divorce, death, or simply co-habitation.

They are simply put born of the blending of two separate families. They are a special kind of Family with unique challenges. Studies have indicated that the divorce rate among adults of Blended Families is even higher than that of first families due to these unique challenges.

Blended Families are not poorly functioning biological families. As long as they and others see themselves as that with no understanding of the dynamics of a blended family, they will remain inadequate to the task of building relationships in the Blended Family.

Early stages of Blended Family life are fraught with divisive experiences. In our own Blended Family of 2 teens and 2 pre-teens, the kids figured if they did everything they could to break us up, maybe everyone would go back to their original partners. And oh how they tried!

Oftentimes the couple is the weakest link in a Blended Family as the ties between parent and biological children are stronger. If this weak unit is not developed into a stronger one, the parents in the Blended Family could face the breakup of yet another relationship with no understanding of why this happened.

In our Blended Family support Group, we want to prevent that from happening.

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