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Florida divorce law allows a spouse to request alimony pendente lite, or pending the litigation. A non-wage earning spouse or lower wage-earning spouse may petition the court for an award of temporary alimony or spousal support. Temporary alimony awards will be based on the need of the parties, ability to pay and standard of living during the marriage.

The court may hold a brief hearing or may decide the petition based on the parties’ financial affidavits, filed with the initial divorce pleadings or court documents. Read more about temporary alimony/support in a Florida divorce case.

It is important to note that if there are children, the court may also award temporary child support, in addition to temporary alimony. An award of temporary child support will be made based on Florida’s statutory child support guidelines schedule, which can be found at Florida Statutes Section 61.30. These guidelines create levels of support based on the gross income of the parties, deductions, number of children, etc.

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