It’s estimated that four out of five Americans do not have a living will or any other written health care or end-of-life directive to help their families make decisions for them if they become incapacitated. Health care and end-of-life advance planning, if done right, accomplishes four things:

Ensures that the person you want to speak for you has the legal authority to do so;

Helps ensure that your wishes about your health care are known and respected;

Avoids unnecessary, intrusive, and costly medical treatment at the point you not longer want it;

Reduces the suffering experienced by your loved ones, because they will have your guidance. Making serious medical decisions on a loved one’s behalf without their guidance is an agonizing experience.

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In the State of Florida, a living will is only effective when it has been determined that you are mentally and physically incapacitated, and your doctor, along with the corroborated opinion by a second doctor, determine to a reasonable degree of medical probability that additional medical treatment will only prolong the process of dying. There are three circumstances in which this decision may be accessed and determined to be evident that the choice to discontinue medical treatment may be made:

  • When you are in a persistent vegetative state or brain dead;
  • When it is medically deemed you are physically in a terminal medical condition;
  • Or you are physically in the end stage condition which was not terminal but has essentially become terminal due to the medical condition having advanced.