If you do not have a will, the State of Florida will decide who inherits from you and what they will inherit. If this happens, your heirs may have to jump through expensive and time consuming legal hoops to claim their inheritance. Probate law is regulated by each state so even if you have a will, it is better to have it reviewed by Steen Brown, your Orlando, Kissimmee Wills, Trusts, and Estates Attorney, to make sure it adheres to Florida Law.

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Why not use a prepackaged will or form off the internet?

All wills, prepackaged or not, are written in legal terms. This terminology is not easily comprehended by the general public. How do you know it says what you want it to? A prepackaged will does not provide review or anyone knowledgeable to discuss it with. Also, prepackaged wills do not take into account the nuances of state law.

Reasons to have a trust:

  • to avoid probate;
  • to see that minor children are provided for;
  • possibly avoid federal estate tax;
  • contribute to charities;
  • may want to keep property separate;
  • to distribute property;
  • provide for care if you become disabled;
  • keep your affairs private;
  • decrease the challenge to what you want done in your will;
  • the ability to measure your trustees’ managing the trust while you are alive;

Here is an example of what a trust can do that a will cannot.

Assume you want to leave your child a large inheritance, but you think your child is not capable of handling money yet. You also want that same money to be available to provide for your spouse and child until it is finally distributed to the child.

Your trust terms might direct the trustee to invest all income until your child is 25, and then pay 1/2 of the amount in trust to the child, with the rest being paid at age 30. The trust can also direct the trustee to pay expenses related to the health, education, and safety or well being of either the spouse or child from the principal or interest of the trust at any time during the life of the trust. As well, in a trust you can specify who receives the money if your child dies before the final distribution.

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