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Think about it. Negligent drivers abound! You see them all around you, texting, putting on makeup, eating, drinking coffee and horribly sometimes, intoxicated.

Can you really then say all accidents are truly unavoidable? I suppose some would be because other drivers move to avoid these negligent drivers from hitting them and then, of course, could unmeaning collide with you. But really, there are so many distractions today, and too many negligent drives on the road, in the sense that they could stop doing all the things mentioned above, and perhaps the accident rate in Florida would not be what it is.

So if you are injured in an accident where another party was negligent, you may be entitled to compensation. But sorting this all out by yourself, and receiving just or maximum compensation dealing with insurance companies is where the nightmare begins. As your Personal Injury Law Firm in Orlando, Brown Law, P.L. deals with these companies on a daily basis. We are here to help navigate the maze of all the things insurance companies throw at you.

First, of all Florida is a no fault state. What that means, is that your own insurance will pay the first at least  $10,000, in medical bills, as that is the least amount of Personal Injury Protection you can carry in this State. The actual amount could be more depending on what coverage you purchased.

Brown Law, P.L. 407-344-3400, offers to review your automobile policy at no charge to make sure you are protected. Florida is not known for good mandatory coverages so you must protect yourself.

After PIP as we call it is exhausted, the Bodily Injury Coverage of the at fault driver kicks in to cover additional medical bills, but unless the accident caused serious injuries, we don’t like to see that happen, as it comes out of the settlement part of your claim. We work with doctors all over town that reasonably bill, so this should not happen.

If you miss work due to the accident, your PIP will take care of 60% of lost wages. The rest, we also claim against the at fault driver. You can also recover any other expenses you incur due to the accident, for example, prescriptions, any medical devices needed, crutches, boots, wheel chair, etc.

Your knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando, Brown Law, P.L., will be able to include these in the demand part of your case.

As you can see there is a lot to an injury claim against an at fault driver and their insurance company. Don’t try to go it alone, as the true cost of your injuries could have lifelong effects, you would not know how to estimate and that is something we do every day.

Call Brown Law, P.L. 407-344-3400, from the scene of the accident and we will direct you in ways to protect yourself!

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